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Like Drawing Blood - vinyl LP

Image of Like Drawing Blood - vinyl LP


Non Australia/NZ orders only.

Side A
1. Like Drawing Blood/The Only Way
2. Heart's a Mess
3. Coming Back
4. Thanks For Your Time
5. Learnalilgivinanlovin'

Side B
1. Puzzle With a Piece Missing
2. Seven Hours With a Backseat Driver
3. The Only Thing I Know
4. Night Drive
5. Worn Out Blues

On the back of the exuberant Northern Soul homage of Learnalilgivinanlovin' and the intense yearning of Banana Boat Song-sampling Hearts A Mess, the second Gotye album quietly became something of an underground classic in Australia since its release in 2006.

Also voted iTunes UK's favourite album of 2008 and catching peoples' ears in Japan, Belgium, Holland and France, Like Drawing Blood is an adventure in genre-jumping alternative-pop that makes unlikely bedfellows out of morbid Bollywood-flavoured pop, dub excursions wrapped around meta-song experiments and dramatic sample-tangos with Mancini-esque orchestral arrangements.

This overseas release of Like Drawing Blood replaces the track A Distinctive Sound with a new mix of The Only Thing I Know, originally released in Australia on the debut Gotye album Boardface.

“Gotye is... a talented singer/songwriter/producer. His voice is precise yet malleable, running from smoothly soaring to roughly resigned, and his falsetto pierces like a light in the shadowy landscape of his music. At its best, Like Drawing Blood is memorable and captivating” Joe Tangari, Pitchforkmedia.

"The best cut'n'paste album since the Avalanches....Like Drawing Blood is a meticulously crafted mishmash that sounds thoroughly modern" Sunday Times Culture.


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