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Boardface - CD

Image of Boardface - CD


Non Australia/NZ orders only.

1. Out Here In The Cold
2. True To You
3. The Only Thing I Know (original mix)
4. Wonder Why You Want Her
5. What Do You Want?
6. Out Of My Mind
7. Here In This Place
8. Waiting For You
9. Loath To Refuse
10. Noir Excursion
11. Baby
12. [Untitled]

The debut Gotye record is a downbeat lo-fi gem, weaving lush orchestral samples, african percussion breaks and '80s-inflected synth hooks into an idiosyncratic medley of melancholy.

It features the original mix of The Only Thing I Know (a mainstay of the Gotye live set), which was later remixed with Franc Tetaz for inclusion on the overseas release of Like Drawing Blood.

"an astonishing debut" Doug Jones, Ministry Magazine.

"a glorious collision of musical ideas" Cameron Adams, Daily Telegraph.

"achingly of the year" Cameron Bayley, The Brag.